Saturday, May 5, 2012


Damn , worries too much again.. Chill dude ,chill.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just finish test today

How i wish she notice this blog and reads it. But i aint telling her , she just gotta find out herself.

The plan to see her on sunday failed as no one would offer help , i could still go. But i cant pass the door when i reach there. So sad to say , i gotta cancel it.damn
If i ask her lets go for prom , whats her answer might be? I can almost guess it based on statistic and know it would devastated me with that answer.Or should i just ask like a man with balls.

Surprise , its get more and more predictable nowadays. She wont give me a hint. I could just go and find her ,yes..maybe next next week,i would try dat.
Energy levels ,how come when the energy level is lowest when with me.or is it just reasons..I just hope she wont reasons with me?

Is it really hard when a man need you like you girls always want? Is it too much?
I know i cant confront her on this for it might making her more fan so here i am , typing to a unknown reader.

I always wanted to see her , and sort of had to ask her permission. Out of 10 times , i can say its 9 times a no.Maybe i ask too much, maybe i should be the normal guys, busy about their own things.I always expect a normal relationships. Where the girl love him ,the guy cherish her.

Den ,the phrase ,other guy will find her if you ignore her came to me..Is it true? My brain tells me this is good in the long run, see her colours now ,you wont regret later.
My heart tell me, keep trying no matter what , you dont want regret seeing her loving other guy the way you always wanted.I mean damn , is timing really that important ?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Do you need to watch out every guy and tell tale signs that might ,at least you think would grab her away from you?
Every comments ,likes from former fans and friends?
Isit even necessary ? Even this has a good intentions , its bit over.

Better start reduce it or it would drive her away.
Hmm hmm

Have some faith in her , if she break it, you would not want her for a lifetime.I told myself once and somehow i drop it. =)

'' Life can be really amazing, if you are not a negative ball of shit'' Quote from fb.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Too busy?

When i ask ,its always bout studies which is true i know. But if why wont she said the same things to her friends? Hey ,i want study
I dont understand this part and worse of all ,i cant confront her with this.Its like stopping her social life and pushing her futher
And i dont know where to starts mine and make her felt like i do now.hmm

I know she going to movies next wednesday and now preparing for their grand dinner next sun.
So maybe she is free? Although i know she told me 5 weeks sem is gonna be very busy.
Its is like
hey i am busy studying and etc..ok i understand and now letting you study.

But in she commented in fb.
^^ lets discuss the movie when there.
u see my points?

So this doesnt sums up right. I dont know probably shouldnt care at all.


Should i?
Peoples do depends how our changes on par with them.
So my decision to do alot things is right. But certain things might remains. Damn rosacea,..damn u

Hearing a prom night for a 1st time and perform , envy yes..should i say no,dont, A BIG NO!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Alot things to do

RM3 k for proteins
RM3 k maybe more for rosacea
RM20k for me to buy motor
and money money money

Then there is a lifestyle alcohol,soft drinks, lots of fried food,spicy , and to detoxicfied my body.Wakes early to exercise ,and starts to improve bits by bits
Work while studying
Stay confidences
Make more money
Achieve dean status
Less stress and thinking

Lots of things i wanna start doing this year 2012.
Hopefully it turns out well.

Give me strength and health to do it.=)

Monday, March 26, 2012

4 years? maybe less later

post in front of you like that.=D

Then ride off like this